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              Search for an education program that fits you


              Whether you want to become a teacher or are interested in advancing your education career, choosing to work with students shows courage and compassion. You may already know exactly what your career path is, or you may still be trying to figure out what you want to teach.

              No matter where you are in your decision process, you can begin your research here at All Education Schools. Learn about all types of education degrees and career paths, find salary and job growth data, and take steps to make your goals a reality!


              What to Look For

              You should be prepared to ask hard questions to schools who offer your degree program. Has the degree program earned accreditation, for example? Without accreditation you may find yourself unable to get federal financial aid or transfer college credits.

              Choosing the Right Degree

              What degree level will you need to prepare you to do your job well? From associates degrees in education to bachelors, masters and education doctorates, understand what degree is necessary for the role you want to play in the field of education.


              Once you earn your bachelors degree in education and finish your student teaching and prep programs, youll need to know how get your certification or licensing in the state where you plan to teach. Each state is slightly different, but our guide can help you get all the facts.

              • Certification Requirements
                The rigorous requirements for certification and licensing ensure that teachers meet standards in their subject areas for the age group they teach, and are up to speed in their knowledge of teaching methods. All certifying bodies require a college degree, completion of certain education courses, student teaching experience and the passage of an approved exam.
              • Licensing by State
                Each state has its own set of requirements for teacher certification, and there is no guarantee that teacher certification in one state will be accepted in another state. But all states require certified teachers to hold a bachelors degree, and more and more states now require candidates to hold a masters degree or receive one within the first five years of teaching.
              • Special Situations and Alternative Paths
                There are several common situations in which you can get certified faster, temporarily, or teach without going through the certification process. Learn about alternative certification, certification reciprocity, emergency credentials and more.


              Whether youre looking for a list of teaching specialties, perks of a teaching career, or want to hear how real-life teachers overcome the diverse challenges-and unexpected joys-they face in the classroom, the All Education Schools blog will keep you current. Read posts on careers, degrees, online education, education industry news, and how to become a more successful teacher.

              Looking for an Education Degree Program?

              Tell us a little about yourself and we’ll connect you with education administration and teaching schools and programs that fit your needs.

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