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              Real-Time Alerting Anywhere In the World

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              Commercial Weather Intelligence

              Introducing: Sferic Siren

              Parks and Recreation Management

              How Seymour High School Protects Student Athletes


              Keep Visitors and Employees Safe

              Get 50% more lead time compared to freely available alerts

              Real-time alerting eliminates human communication delays

              Audible outdoor horns keep everyone informed

              Optimize Operational Uptime

              Configure custom alerts for specific individuals or departments

              Increased alerting lead times to plan for risky situations

              Customize alerts by type of weather condition that affects your business

              Peace of Mind

              24/7 meteorological staff to support your operations

              Worry-free weather sensor maintenance

              Technology-driven alerts to inform your go/no-go decision

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              We Serve a Broad Range of Customers


              Product features our customers love


              Real-time detection, not inaccurate prediction

              • Precise location accuracy and high detection efficiency
              • Minimizes false alarm alert rates
              • Global coverage in 90+ countries

              REAL-TIME ALERTING

              Immediately inform those who need to know about incoming severe weather

              • Configure custom alerts by type of weather and distance
              • Alerts sent via email, text message or mobile push notifications
              • Enable GPS tracking for alerts based on your moving location

              24/7 METS BY YOUR SIDE

              When you’re unsure what to do, let our 24/7 staff help you make the call

              • 24/7 meteorological staff to help guide your decisions
              • Event forecasting and logistical planning
              • Tailored company briefings for major weather events
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